About Us

About Hoverboard Technologies LLC

We created the GeoBlade to awaken the soul of its riders by making every day thrilling. The GeoBlade is a single wheeled board that provides the thrill of surfing on land. Developed in California, we’ve engineered the perfect balance of control and power to deliver the exhilaration of carving the streets. The affordable GeoBlade is the latest invention from Hoverboard Technologies powered by Equalia R&D.

Hoverboard Technologies is the latest company founded by designer and entrepreneur Robert Bigler.

Mr. Bigler has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and taught himself electronics and computer programming to develop extremely compact and flexible motion-control and automation products. He is a passioneer (passionate engineer) focused on automation and electric vehicles. After growing his first company to be a global force among multi-billion-dollar competitors, Robert sold it and created Equalia, an incubator in the Silicon Valley.

About Equalia

Equalia incubates Silicon Valley startup companies in the Automation, Electric Vehicle and Control System consumer marketplace. Invent, Innovate and Inspire: Equalia inspired companies share a radical separation from the status-quo that is reflected in their vision and products. Mr. Bigler believes these are exciting times as we see our technological world change and advance at an exponential rate and is excited to deliver companies and products that truly move you.


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Work With Us

We are looking for the dedicated people who can elevate us to the next level. Send your CV or resume to talent @ hoverboard.com and tell us what you are most passionate about that is reflected in your experience and skill set.